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Welcome to the Mountainboards website. We offer the best shipping rates and fastest delivery times. Here you can find the latest mountain board and mountain board accessories. For those who don't know, Mountain Boarding, AKA dirtboarding or all-terrain boarding, is a fully established extreme sport. These boards are built to carry the rider accross all types of terrain, mud, dirt, sand, grass, asphalt, and just about anywhere. Most ride these boards downhill, in terrain parks, half-pipes, and some riders can use the wind as a source of power.

MBS co-founders Jason lee, Patrick McConnell and Joel Lee started mountain boarding way back in 1991 at the Heavenly Ski/Snowboard resort in California. They were determinined to find a way to snowboard without snow, thus MountainBoard Sports was formed.

The four main styles of riding are Downhill, Boarder X, Freestyle, and Kiteboarding. Downhill riding is exactly what is sounds like: fast race style riding down a hill or mountain side. Speed and accuracy will determine who wins. Boarder X (Boarder Cross) is a fast pace terrain style race with sharp turns, jumps, obstacles, and other riders up in the mix. Freestyle is all about style and technical moves; just like snowboarding and other board sports, the rider tries to score the most points by going big and pulling off technical maneuvers without any error. Kite Mountainboarding is still a new sport. Some riders ride in flat terrain using the kite to power them to go faster and even get hang time. Some crazy Land Kiteboarders are even using the kite to boost off hilltops for some serious hang time. A lot of these moves have been inspired by Kiteboarding(in the water) and Snow Kiting.

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